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Youth Fitness

Ages (5-8)

The classes for this age group are designed to begin to teach children the basics of body awareness, mechanics, and overall health and fitness, at a speed deemed suitable for their learning capabilities. The main focus of this class is to ensure kids are having fun in a positive and encouraging learning environment. The classes will consist of a structured warm-up, skill lesson, and game or mini-workout. The goal is to set them up for the next age group class, or simply to prepare them for the demands of life and sport that aren’t taught in today’s school curriculum. This class is 45-minutes long and is 2 days/week.

Ages (9-12)

This class/age group will be very similar to the earlier age group in a number of ways. At this age however, we will take them to the full 60-minute class time; classes will include a structured warm up, skill lesson, and a workout of the day, scaled to their age group, that mimics what they will see in the traditional classes as they move forward in our program. This class will set up children for success in life, sports, or even CrossFit, if they so choose. The emphasis with the kid’s program will always be fun and form over competition and pushing the limits. They have plenty of time for that from 13 on! This class is 60-minutes long and is 2 days/week.

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