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Goshin Ju Jitsu teaches a kid’s class 2 days per week the same time, just opposite days of the fitness class. This class is designed to teach children the basics of self-defense, not to compete or fight. Those same nights, they also teach an adult class later in the evening after the CrossFit classes.

Talon Self-Defense takes a very similar approach the other two nights during the week and allows us the opportunity to have self-defense classes 4-nights a week in the facility. 

Their approach is similar in the sense that it is not intended for anything other than confidence in a real-life scenario and what may present itself in life.

Advancement can and will be made in both programs. Gi’s are not necessary or worn in either class by the students. Both programs feel that life doesn’t present this and therefore the programs don’t require or promote these, though they are not unwelcomed.

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