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At LWR Elite Fitness we are much more than just a gym, or even community. We are about a mindset, a lifestyle, a way of living; good yields good, and iron sharpens iron.

I want to provide an overall experience that will rival any place one has ever been, or any experience one has ever had. The goal at LWR Elite Fitness is to provide the tools necessary to facilitate a change in lifestyle that one can carry with them for the rest of their life. I am not merely interested in helping people become better athletes, but becoming better versions of themselves. This can only happen in an environment that allows failure, acceptance, and camaraderie. The coaches, trainers, and ownership have experienced all that life has to offer; ups, downs, losses, and success. You name it; they’ve been through it. These experiences have allowed us to learn, grown, and develop as people and we wish to share our knowledge within our specific fields in the most passionate way so that we can hopefully have a positive impact on others. We are not interested in how big our wallets are, we would rather share our hearts, passion, and purpose with each and every person that walks into our doors.


5107 Lena Rd Unit 111 & 112 Bradenton, FL 34211

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